“Low-Content Mega Bundle” with Tony Laidig
"Everything You Need to Create Nearly ANY Type of Low-Content Book to Sell on Amazon and More!"
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Introducing: The Low-Content Book Design Mega Bundle!
"It's time you grab your piece of this evergreen, Billion Dollar Marketplace!"
This is YOUR invitation to join me in a deep-dive training to create low-content BOOKS! The “Low-Content Mega Bundle” is an in-Depth, Low-Content Book Creation Workshop Series that reveals everything you need to design and create your OWN Low-Content books…step-by-step, beginning to end. 

In EACH of the 14 comprehensive, step-by-step courses, you will discover the secrets and tricks for designing, creating, publishing, and marketing ALL the major types of Low-Content Books, including Coloring Books, Gift Books, Prompt Books, Puzzle Books of all types, Doodle Books, Journals, Photo Books, Recipe Books and more!
Over 100+ Hours of Comprehensive Low-Content Book Training in 14 Courses!
Just $3,152 $1,997
Just $497! 
Every effort has been made to clearly describe the training offered. 
If you are not satisfied in the first 7 days, we offer a full refund.
Here is a detailed look at what is covered in each of the
Master-Level in-depth courses included with the Mega Bundle:

Coloring Books...
Coloring Book Master Class
  • Module 1: Niche and Trend Research for Planning Your Coloring Book. 
  • Module 2: Step-by-Step Demos of Mac and PC Software Options to Design Coloring Book Illustrations. 
  • Module 3: Step-by-Step Demos of Online and iPad Options to Design Coloring Book Illustrations. 
  • Module 4: Designing Your Coloring Book Interior and Cover, Step-by-Step. 
  • Module 5: Preparing and Uploading Your Finished Coloring Book to IngramSpark and CreateSpace. 
  • Module 6: Pre-Selling, Author Central and 12 Marketing Strategies to Sell Your Coloring Book. 
Coloring Book Kickstart
  • 290-Page Resource and Strategy Guide PDF
Advanced Coloring Book Design
  • Module 1 (Double Session): New Software Options for Quickly Creating Coloring Book Designs.
  • Module 2 (Double Session): Compositing Tricks for Creating Gorgeous, Enhanced Designs that Will Take Your Style to the Next Level. 
  • Module 3 (Double Session): Merging Hand-Drawn and Digital Designs to Create Hybrid Illustrations. 
Coloring Book Master Class: Next Level
  • Module 1: Converting Photos Into Coloring Pages and New Design Styles 
  • Module 2: Next-Level, Emerging Design Techniques That Will Make Your Coloring Books Stand Out from the Crowd 
  • Module 3: Professional (and easy) Coloring Book Layout and Hybrid Designs Using Adobe InDesign and Other Pro-Level Tools 
  • Module 4: New Publishing Options, Working With Local Printers and Offline Marketing 
Puzzle Books...
Make Puzzle Books
  • Module 1: Deciding on the Best Types of Puzzles to Create, Focusing on Niches, Themes, and Trends, Best Size, Page Counts, and More for Your Book, and Public Domain Resources for Puzzle Creation.
  • Module 2: Building Word Search and Crossword Puzzles, Word-Based Puzzles, Sudoku, Cryptograms, Rebus, and Anagrams.
  • Module 3: Maze Puzzles, Futoshiki, Kakuro, Shikaku, Gokigen, Roundabouts, Find-a-Quote, and more Sudoku Resources.
  • Module 4: Designing Your Puzzle Book Layout in Powerpoint, Creating Your Book Cover, Getting Your Files Ready for Print, Printing and Publishing Options, and Selling and Marketing Your Puzzle Book.
Maze Creation Tricks (Included with PBD)
  • Module 1: Adding Complexity to Your Maze Creation Using Reverse Masking and Thinking About a Bigger Maze Picture.
  • Module 2: Developing Multi-Page Mazes and Designing Multi-Dimensional Mazes.
Puzzle Book Design
  • Module 1: Puzzle Overview with Step-by-Step Puzzle Creation Demos.
  • Module 2: More Step-by-Step Puzzle Demos, Puzzle Resources, and More!
  • Module 3: Puzzle-Based Products and Marketing Strategies and More!
Advanced Puzzle Design
  • Module 1: Logic Puzzles and Tangrams.
  • Module 2: Dot-to-Dot Puzzles and Nonograms.
  • Module 3: Acrostic Puzzles and Hidden Picture Puzzles.
  • Module 4: Puzzles for the Children’s Market and Adding Complexity to Your Puzzles.
  • Bonus: Puzzle PDF Creation.
Activity Books...
Make Doodle Books
  • Module 1: What Doodle Books Are and Why They Matter, Different Types of Doodle Books, and Planning Your Doodle Book.
  • Module 2: Getting Started With Your Doodle Book Idea, Best Sites for Fonts, Best Sites for Graphics, and Making Your OWN Backgrounds.
  • Module 3: Creating Hybrid Doodle Books and Doodle Book Series and How to Plan for Them.
  • BONUS: Creating Composite Doodles.
  • BONUS: Creating Awesome Watercolor Backgrounds
Pencil Pastimes
  • Module 1: New Coloring Book Design Strategies, Spiroglyphics-Style Coloring Designs, Lines and Dots Coloring Designs, and Photo-Based Coloring Designs.
  • Module 2: Paint-by-Number and Dot-to-Dot Strategies, Photos to Paint-by-Number, Pixel and Shape-Based Paint-by-Number, Dot-to-Dot Conversion Tricks.
  • Module 3: New Maze Creation Strategies, Intricate Shape-Based Mazes, Daedalus-Style Mazes, Number and Arrow Mazes.
  • Bonus: How To Create Improved Spiroglyphics
Prompt Book Design
  • Module 1: Researching Ideas for Prompt Books.
  • Module 2: Designing Your Prompt Pages.
  • Module 3: Layout and Publish Your Book.
  • BONUS: “Zero Content and Low Content Books” Video.
  • BONUS: “Low-Content Books Revisited ” Video.
Prompt Book Layout Design
  • Module 1: Writing-Based Prompt Books Designs
  • Module 2: Illustration-Based Prompt Books Designs
  • Module 3: Miscellaneous Styles of Prompt Book Designs
  • BONUS: “Professional Cover Design Strategies” Video Training
Gift Books...
Gift Book Design
  • Module 1: The Research, Ideas and Planning for Designing Gift Books.
  • Module 2: Step-by-Step Demos for Finding and Designing Art for Your Books in Simple and Unexpected Ways!
  • Module 3: Font-Driven Designs That Connect Your Gift Book's Theme With Your Audience Emotionally!
  • Module 4: The Layout, Publishing and Selling of Your Gift Books.
Advanced Gift Book Design
  • Module 1: Next-Level Gift Book Designs, Historical Gift Books and Advanced Design Themes.
  • Module 2: Personalized Gift Books and How to Create Them.
  • Module 3: Customizable Gift Book Designs, Book Inserts, Custom Hand-Bound Books and More!
  • BONUS: Deep Web and Comprehensive Research Methods for Gift Books (Behind-the-Scenes With Tony as He Researches a New Gift Book Project).
Photo Book Masterclass
  • Module 1: Decide on the Story You Want to Tell
  • Module 2: Designing Your Photo Book
  • Module 3: Printing and Selling Your Photo Book
  • BONUSES: Photo Pro Tutorials:
  • PPT: Photo Compositing Tricks
  • PPT: Stunning B&W Photos
  • PPT: Photo Plugin Magic
  • PPT: Nighttime Photography
  • PPT: Product Photo Secrets
  • PPT: Hand-Coloring B&W Photos
  • PPT: Restoring Faded Photos
Ready to Take Your Low-Content Book Creation to the Next Level?
Then the “Low-Content Mega Bundle” is for YOU...
“Low-Content Mega Bundle”
Over 100+ Hours of Comprehensive Low-Content Book Training in 14 Courses!
  • Coloring Book Master Class
  • Advanced Coloring Book Design
  • Coloring Book Master Class: The Next Level
  • Coloring Book Kickstart PDF.
  • Make Puzzle Books / Maze Creation Tricks
  • Advanced Puzzle Design
  • Puzzle Book Design
  • Make Doodle Books
  • Pencil Pastimes
  • Prompt Book Design
  • Prompt Book Layout Design
  • Gift Book Design
  • Advanced Gift Book Design
  • Photo Book Masterclass
Just $3,152 $1,997
Just $497! 
(You Save $1,500 Today!)
Every effort has been made to clearly describe the training offered. 
If you are not satisfied in the first 7 days, we offer a full refund.
Praise for Tony‘s Trainings...
"You're a master teacher you know your stuff inside and out - and admit it when you don't, which is wonderful. You're professional, organized and well-prepared, you don't fill your sessions with fluff or try to sell and cram product after product down our throats. Of all the people I've studied with online and off, you're the best teacher. Seriously.. I LOVE your classes. Oh yes - almost forgot - your replays are good quality and always promptly delivered. I can always trust you to do an amazing, more-than-I-expected class." ~Angela L.
"Tony is an awesome teacher! He is very detailed and does not assume you know how to do something. His training is always easy to follow and understand. I have attended many different trainings and Tony's are always my favorites. Thanks for another great training!" ~Rhonda
"'Make Puzzle Books' is the third course by Tony Laidig I have taken. Tony is truly an expert instructor. His training style is conversational, detailed and thorough. I give this course a 5 out of 5 star rating!" ~Molly L.
"'Make Puzzle Books' is another of many well-taught trainings from Tony. With this training anyone can create a variety of Puzzle Books. I highly recommend this training." ~Preston M.
"I LOVE 'Make Puzzle Books' with Tony. The amount of research skill and time he put into creating the course was evident. It amazes me how Tony can find such incredible resources. 

He shows clearly and exactly how to quickly create a wide variety of fun, unusual and attractive puzzles. Some of these puzzles I had never heard of! There is one particular secret he reveals that I love a lot, but I'm not telling.

Tony also shows how to make covers quickly like a pro (because he is one). He shows how to best format your book easily, clearly and in depth. He also teaches marketing strategies for your books, as well.

Not least, the course is taught in Tony's signature fun style. For the wealth of information and detail, 'Make Puzzle Books' is definitely a bargain at its price." ~Val H.
"I just LOVE LOVE Tony Laidig's workshops! Tony is a Master teacher, expert photographer and artist! He knows how to use his talents and expertise to bring out our curiosity, confidence to try and tap into our inner creative fun and joy. And he never fails to stress all the business opportunities in everything he creates. This Coloring Book Master Class is no exception. At the end I was so elated to realize that I, the technically challenged grandma, can create coloring books for the grandkids, family and friends; and even publish them as he taught us all aspects of the process. I already envision a family fun book coloring gathering during the holidays!"
~Ute G.
"Coloring Book Masterclass is outstanding! Tony presents a ton of useful information and resources in a practical, easy to use manner. From ideas to creating the illustrations to marketing, the course is complete. Tony is thorough, his instructions are clear and he answers questions. He has a delightful teaching style that is a pleasure with bits of humor sprinkled throughout. I HIGHLY recommend this class and the entire Easy Book Illustrations course series."
"This masterclass was brilliant. A lot was covered in a short space of time sparking off ideas for books and pages. Tony went through a number of software options for PC, Mac and tablet so you can even make images waiting for a bus or at the doctors. Although he covered a lot, having the replays mean you can go over things again and again so you can do it in your sleep. The $24,000,000 question. Was it worth the money I paid. YES."
"'Make Puzzle Books' is the latest in a long line of outstanding courses taught by Tony Laidig. He has an uncanny knack for presenting course material in a thorough yet non-overwhelming manner. Plus, I really love his fun and engaging teaching style. I often learn more in the first 10 minutes of a Tony Laidig course than I do after hours and hours of training from the so-called gurus!" ~Susan S.
"I have taken numerous courses from Tony over the years, and like always, 'Making Puzzle Books' continues to raise the bar in terms of insight, over-delivery, and encouraging us to be the best that we can be. His humor, attention to detail, and leaving "no stone unturned" is typical of his courses. 'Making Puzzle Books' will ignite your creativity in a way you have never considered possible! As always...a huge THANK YOU, Tony!" ~Liz V.
"WOW just wow, Tony ... your training is always SO GOOD. 'Make Puzzle Books' is no exception. 

This course was announced at the perfect moment for me as I was just starting to make puzzle books. Tony's course added to the bare-bones information I possessed by sharing hours of the research he had done, by demonstrating a variety of twists of his years of design, and by providing exposure to software that accelerates the process. 

With just the knowledge from this course, I have saved hours and hours of time doing the same thing on my own. I trust the information he provides and won't need to second guess it. I have taken many courses taught by Tony Laidig since early 2014. He always, always over-delivers on any subject matter. 'Make Puzzle Books' is no different."
~Kelda Y.
"Great training! This is the first course I've taken from Tony but it won't be the last! Lots of good ideas that I'm going to apply to other areas." 
~Donna W.
Every effort has been made to clearly describe the training offered. 
If you are not satisfied in the first 7 days, we offer a full refund.
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